Friday, August 29, 2008

Coffee Prince-Lee Eon Dies in an accident

It’s sad to hear when someone so young dies.

Model turned actor Lee Eon has died tragically in a motorcycle accident early this morning on his way from from a wrap-up party for for KBS’s drama Strongest Chil Woo. The 27 year old crashed into the guard rail of the elevated roadway in Hanam-dong. He is said to have died on impact.

As a resident of this city, that particular strip of elevated road is banked, curved and not well maintained. In other words, dangerous.

Yongsan police have released a statement that they yet to rule out whether he was riding under the influence of alcohol.

Having his start in modeling, Lee Eon rose to fame in last year’s successful drama, Coffee Prince.

Lee Eon’s funeral will start today at Soon-cheon-hyang University Hospital in Hanam-dong.

From Popseoul

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