Monday, October 6, 2008

Boa Eat You Up Full Version

This week, 3 possible album pictures as well as the full version of Boa’s song, “Eat You Up”, were uploaded to her myspace account.

Foregoing the questionable lyrics, other than the beat, there was nothing spectacular about her song. She still retains a strong accent thus losing the clarity and strength most American artists have and the techno whine, which was probably used to mask any pronunciation errors, only served to emphasize them.

Overall, unless Boa’s other tracks are much more clearly enunciated and have a lot more vocal strength, another Se7en seems to be in the making. The chances of her making it in the American industry relying only on her performance skills and her Asian fanbase, seems slim. To compete in a market where the Koreans have to use choreographers that were utilized by other top American singers, only signifies lack of confidence and originality.

Check out the song.

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