Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Joo Ji Hoon's day at Paris


This model turned actor is very private about his personal life. Fans figured this out early on, so they keep themselves entertained by making their own news related to Joo Ji Hoon. How clever! The most recent news I found was about the JuGal (Joo Ji Hoon Gallery) contest at Basically, if you are an active member of the gallery (answering quiz questions, posting comments, etc), you win yourself the chance to win fan-made prizes, all related to Joo Ji Hoon. There are stationaries, notebooks, t-shirts, towels, bags, etc all with Joo Ji Hoon’s picture on it. I must say, these fans are the most well-behaved die-hard fans out there. Joo Ji Hoon must be proud!

Source from popseoul

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