Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Joo Ji Hoon,Kim Jae Wook,Yoo Ah In and Choi Ji hoo cast in "Antique"


Joo Ji-hoon, Kim Jae-wook, Yoo A-in and Choi Ji-ho were at hand at the press conference for their new mana based movie, “Antique” (Western Antique Cake-shop) held at Coex Megabox Theaters in Samsung-dong today.

The handsome foursome will show off their baking, dancing and kissing skills on the big screen for all to see.

“Antique” will be oven-fresh on November 13th, 2008.

Check out the making of the film here (in Korean) and the trailer below.

Antique_1028_1Antique_1028_6Antique_1028_10Antique_1028_14Antique_1028_18Antique_1028_19Antique_1028_20Antique_1028_24Antique_1028_27Antique_1028_30Antique_1028_32 Joo Ji-hun

Antique_1028_4Antique_1028_13Antique_1028_17Antique_1028_22Antique_1028_22 Choi Ji-ho

Antique_1028_11Antique_1028_15Antique_1028_21Antique_1028_16 Kim Jae-wook

Antique_1028_25Antique_1028_3 Yoo A-in


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