Saturday, October 11, 2008

Who has the babiest face?

An online poll by a plastic surgery site rated Sohee of the Wondergirls as representing the best babyface. The online survey was conducted for a 3 month period (July to the end of September) and over 2100 people voted (1526 voters were plastic surgery clients). Sohee received more than half of the votes (52%, 1118 votes), second went to Moon Geun-young (17%, 365 votes) and third to Ko Ara (11% 236 votes).

The plastic surgery site explained the characteristics of a babyface- a round face which is not too big, a relatively short forehead, average length of nose with round and slightly upturned nose tip, large round doe eyes with double folds and a roll of fat (called “ae-kyo-sal” 애교살) under the eye.

This sounds like many Asian people. That explains why some Asians look way younger than their actual age. But we already knew that.

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