Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hana Kimi Japan Synopsis

Hana Kimi - Japan
Mizuki Ashiya, a Japanese girl in the U.S., one day sees the young athlete Izumi Sano compete in the high jump on television. She begins to idolize him, and decides to move to Japan to attend the same school as him. However, Izumi goes to an all-boys school, so Mizuki disguises herself as a boy to achieve her dream of being with her idol.

Horikita Maki - Ashiya Mizuki
Oguri Shun - Sano Izumi
Ikuta Toma - Nakatsu Shuichi
Konno Mahiru - Hara Akira
Kamikawa Takaya - Umeda Hokuto
Matsuda Seiko - Tsubaki, the School Principal
Ukaji Takashi - Sawatari
Kobayashi Susumu - Yoshioka
Okada Yoshinori - Ashiya Shizuki
Daito Shunsuke - Sano Shin
Shirota Yuu - Kagurazaka Makoto
Moriguchi Yoko - Nanba Io
Harada Natsuki - Tanabe Kanako
Yamazaki Hajima - Ashiya Takumi
Tsutsui Mariko - Ashiya Eiko

Friday, November 7, 2008

Jae Joong-The way you are

What’s popping:

Well, well, well, there’s more to Hero Jaejoong than just his pretty face. The boy is surprisingly a versatile actor.

His story has a doppelganger twist to it and Hero easily takes on the role of a sleazy conman, an action hero (sic) and a punching bag (you’ve gotta watch the drama) apart from playing his rather clueless self.

Hero’s story is about mistaken identity. He looks exactly like a thug named Changshik, who is in a whole lot of trouble with the club owner he works with - Changshik stole his boss’ money to help pay for his Mom’s surgery.

The story begins when Hero is about to get his ticket for his much-needed vacation. He is grabbed by Changshik’s former boss’ men and beaten up.

Kerr-pow!: Only death and destruction lie in Hero's wake

Nobody believes him when he tells them who he really is (Changshik used the same tactics – saying that he’s Hero of TVXQ – to escape) so he has to deal with all the baggage the illusive Changshik left behind – and that includes a pissed off girlfriend.

Out running Hero: 'Come on, keep up with me if you can.'

Hero deftly handles the lead in this drama and is very impressive in his role – showing depth as well as versatility.

I thoroughly enjoyed his sleazy conman bit – hilarious! You know, if Hero wants out of singing, he could always try acting.

The plot:

Stretched thin while preparing for their upcoming concert, the five boys of TVXQ/ DBSK are given a break from each other for two weeks.

Their vacations see them heading out on their own (except Xiah and Max) and The Way You Are is Hero’s story of mistaken identity.

This is part of a four-episode omnibus. The other episodes are Cassiopeia, Beautiful Life and Eternal.


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