Thursday, November 11, 2010

Boa funny videos

Why do all the artists with the American dream wait till the very last minute to study up on their English and pronunciation? (*ahem* Rain, Se7en, BoA *cough*)
Now I feel a little bad for blaming BoA. I’m sure she doesn’t have 100% control on what’s going on with her debut such as who makes the MV’s or who schedules her interviews- however ghetto it may be. But studying English is definitely under her control.
Why is that when she is in the studio, her language coach is telling her how to say words right before she is going to record the song? No wonder it sounded so choppy.
“Nothing. Its. Like its. Used. To be.”
No that wasn’t a typo.
Check out BoA in the studio recording her single, “Eat You Up”:

Did anyone else find it funny that the studio guys felt the need to bow when they shook hands with her? HA!

I hope that was a phone in her hand and not a dictionary!

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