Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Paran concert canceled

The deal between Paran's managing company NH Media and local organisers, Pop Rainbow fell through, folks. This means Paran's Nov 30 concert in Malaysia has been cancelled.

Ain't coming: Paran will not be holding a concert in Malaysia
on Nov 30

The reason given by NH Media is that the local organisers were not professional enough in organising the event.

In a press statement, NH Media wrote: "The organiers have failed to pay the deposit of the concert and they also did not sign the contract document we provided them so the contract has become void."

Bottom line, Paran's managing team ain't happy with the local organisers. Thus no Paran, no U-Kiss.

No show, too: U-Kiss, who are the guest performers for Paran's concert,
would not be coming too.

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