Friday, November 12, 2010

Rain dining area

Jang Shou Korean BBQ restaurant Singapore
This is where Rain and his crew dined at when
he was in Singapore for the 2007 I'm Coming World Tour
~ Jang Shou Korean BBQ at Esplanade Mall

rain autograph placemat closeup
I'm not bluffing...Rain left his mark and was there on 21 January 2007

jang shou korean charcoal BBQ

rain autograph placemat
The "Rain was here" place mat

Grilled beef brisket (S$32)

olive porkribs with honey
Olive Pork Ribs with Honey (S$25)
This is a MUST ORDER when you visit the restaurant.
It's a house special and is very delicious.
Marinated pork ribs barbecued over a charcoal grill.
If you are wondering what those other items on the plate are,
it's a piece of onion and a mushroom.

korean barbecue bbq
This is what the pork ribs look like on the barbecue stove.
Okay, i guess now is a good time to add that this restaurant is non-halal.

arrowrootnoodle chillbroth7
Arrowroot Noodle in Cold Broth

green lettuce and chili
Refreshing green lettuce to wrap all that barbecued meat in.
See the green chili (gochu) they serve with the lettuce?
Koreans like it hot!

Banchan (side dishes) galore!

jangshou_restaurant bbq
Other patrons enjoying their meal

rain imcomingposter jangshou singapore
Rain's poster proudly displayed
on one of the walls at the restaurant

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