Friday, October 29, 2010

Hyun Joong at the age of 10

Just out of curiosity today, I decided to search the numbers of blogs on SS501 and I came across over five million of them. Ha! There goes the chance of a SS501 singer coming across my blog.

No, I have a life. I don't sit in front of my computer searching on SS501 all day long. I have Google Reader and I set it to pull new information daily off the web on topics I am interested it. It is a very cool feature. So I get a daily dose of SS501 ready for me when I open my personalized iGoogle.

Today, when I logged onto my Google home page, one article stood out. It is about Kim Hyun Joong, the leader of SS501. There was also a picture of him when he was in middle school. The article talks about his younger years and his favorite band. Finding article like these are a jewel. Unlike the American celebrities, it is very rare to find information about the past and childhood of Asian celebrities. Or may be I am not searching hard enough *shrug*.

When information like this get posted on the web, I always wonder if the article is true or not. I also wonder where the heck did they get this information from let alone the picture.

One thing new to me is that I did not know Hyun Joong had an older brother. I knew he had a younger brother who is currently studying overseas (Hyun Joong helps pay for his tuition). So Hyun Joong loves Seo TaiJi which is a heavy metal group in Korea. Interesting. I wonder if he listen to any of the heavy metal music in America. Heavy metal is a love hate relationship. You either love it or hate it. Thereh is no in between. I bet Hyun Joong's dream was to follow his idol and have a band of his own. Who knows, may be he will change career. He is still a very young man.

This article also proved me wrong. In Korea, kids do start their own band. I wonder why AXERS was not successful? It would be fun to watch a young Hyun Joong bobbing his head as he is playing the guitar. But, how different things would be if he was a band of a different group. I wonder what SS501 would be like. Hindsight is 20/20. I have heard him play his guitar many times, but I never really thought he was really good. May be I just have a very high standards. May be I thought he would play his guitar like Metallica, but I am sure he is very good, since he started playing at a very young age.

The story about him trying to buy a guitar is so touching and heartbreaking. It makes his success so much more sweeter and worthier. I just hope success and money does not change him and that he remains down to earth. I hope he will have another opportunity to meet Seo TaiJi.

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