Friday, November 5, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong disperses rumors

Today I found a blog article that says Kim Hyun Joong clarifies the following three things to prevent rumors from going out of hands. I don't know where the original article came from, but the blog gave credit to
sparkskey for translation and SS601 + quainte501. So here is what Kim Hyun Joong has to say.

1. He has no plans on going solo.
2. He likes acting as much as singing, but has no future commitments to acting. His priority is to release another SS501 album.
3. Yes, he does have plans to go to America.

To read the full article please click on link.

I was a little worried that with his popularity, he might think of going solo. Thank goodness that is not something to worry about. SS501 is meaningless without five members--well unless DSPenter adds another singer...Well enough of that, KHJ already said NO!

I am glad that he will be putting off acting for a little bit. He has lost too much weight while filming BOF that he now looks a little scary--his eyes are bigger and he pale. I believe the article said 8 kgs which is almost 18 lbs! There is a big difference in the way he looks in episode 1 and episode 17. But, I notice that he looks very different from when he first debutted. The other SS501 members look about the same, but he has changed quite a bit. I like him more as a singer/dancer. Kim Hyun Joong has some cool dance moves and a nice voice. I would hate to see that all go to waste. But what is important is that he does what he wants. As a fan, I am supportive of either route he picks.

As for him coming to America, well I have mix feelings about that. I already expressed concerns in my previous article about goofying around in America, but if the other SS501 members are coming, I guess they might be promoting their group here. There were several articles online about K-bands going overseas like Europe and America to do some promotions. I am going to stay neutral on this. No Comments. I will be objective about this one.


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