Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong andspecial gifts to fan

In the last couple of days it was fairly quiet--no news on Kim Hyun Joong or SS501. And then this morning when I checked, my Google Reader was filled with news on Kim Hyun Joong's special gift. And my response is the same as how any Korean fans would respond. Omo! Omo! Is it for real!

I think this was a very nice gesture from Kim Hyun Joong. It really shows that he appreciate the support he gets from his fans. And what a way to thank them. There is a saying that a star is nothing without his fans. This is so true in the US. If their are tabloids that ruins the image of a celebrity, no matter how good you are, you will not make. Of course their are fans that are loyal regardless of the tabloids, but this usually is not. Just think of it this way, the entertainment industry exist because of interests and demands from the fans. No fans, no entertainment. Some times when celebrities become too well known, they forget how they got their fame in the first place. And when they lose touch with their fans, they become forgotten and lose popularity.

It is a double edge sword. The fans are what drives celebrities crazy because they have no more privacy, but yet fans are what brings in the money.

I must end this blog with--Good job HyunJoong-ssi.

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