Tuesday, November 2, 2010

SS501 Hyun Joong and Hyung Joon

Today, there weren't anything new on the SS501. So I decided to talk about the leader, Kim Hyun Joong and the youngest member Kim Hyung Joon. There names are so alike that a lot of the time you will see their pictures swapped on the web OR you might get confused because they are referring to the wrong person. It is actually pretty annoying if you are a Kim Hyung Joon fan because when you try to do a search on him, you get the other one.

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This picture came from user lily07 on crunchroll.com. It is a very old picture, but in the blue jacket is Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Hyung Joon is in the white jacket. These two singers are my favorite in the SS501 band. I started off liking the leader first, but Kim Hyung Joon is really growing on me. When they first started off, they all looked like little boys, but now that they are in their early twenties, Kim Hyung Joon turned out to be a very good looking man. Click on the link below to see a music video of him in UR Man (eng sub and romanization available). It is just unfortunate that I can't find much of him on the web.

Kim Hyun Joong is of course the most popular member in the SS501. I don't know if it has anything to do with him being on the MBC program We Got Married with HwangBo, but one thing for sure is his role as Yoon Ji Hoo in Boys Before Flower has really gotten the girls going crazy.

I don't know what it is, but Kim Hyun Joong does not look as good as the past years. I guess anyone who has a tight and demanding schedule like Kim Hyun Joong will age faster. He also lost quite a bit of weight and looks a bit pale. He has lost quite a bit of coloring in his face. I hope he uses the one month rest he has in March well. I like Kim Hyun Joong's down-to-earth low key personality. He has been known for his good manners. See Youtube video clip of him bowing as a sign of respect and thanks during the his win as
TV's Popular Male Actor at the 45th BaekSang Arts Awards on February 27, 2009 . He plans on coming to the US to study dancing/singing. It will differently be a culture shock for him. There are a lot of discussion that him coming to the US means he is here to fool around. I hope that is not true. I would be very disappointed and that kind of scandal can affect the success of SS501.

As for our lovely remaining three singer. I like Kim Kyu Jong next, Heo Young Saeng, and then Park Jung Min in that order. I will discuss them in a future posting. But all in all, you can't have SS501 without all five singers/dancers.

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