Friday, November 5, 2010

[SS501] Plastic Surgery or AirBrush?

It has been a couple of days since I wrote something on my blog because I have been working on getting SS501 website up and running. After a month of working on the website,. is up and running. There are still minor face-lifts that needs to happen, but overall everything looks good.

Talking about face-lifts, recently I came across articles on plastic surgery in Korea. It is actually fairly common. The blog that I came across was talking about how Park Min Jung MAY have had a nose job
. It is a fairly old article, but he is not the only one who went under the knife. Rumor has it that Kim Hyun Joong had plastic surgery to reduce the bags under his eyes. I think this is true because there is a big difference between his 2005 pictures and 2009. You be the judge.

And of course you have the youngest member, Kim Hyung Joon who had his teeth straighten. I think he had a nose job too, but don't know...

This made me think about air-brushing vs plastic surgery. I wonder which is cheaper from an entertainment standpoint? I think as a viewer, I prefer plastic surgery over air brushing. In the American entertainment industry, air-brushing is the norm. Practically every picture is airbrushed. I can't tell what is real anymore. It is deceiving. At least with plastic surgery it is a one time done deal--your fans know. With regards to SS501, I love their before pictures just as much as their after. A little imperfection just reminds me that they were once like us.


  1. I think most Korean popstars have undergone one or two surgeries before they got famous.


  2. He is all the way looks very cool. Well I think he had undergone with nose surgery as it is clearly seen in the first two images. Great work done by the surgeon.

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