Saturday, December 4, 2010

Is that True, Rain dating Jeon Ji Hyun?

Rumors have been circulating that world star Rain is dating actress Jeon Ji Hyun. Whether it’s true or not, the agencies from both sides are denying the rumor.
For the past one year, there has been a lot of talk about the two dating from the media. In fact, it is said that they have been caught dating secretly. If it’s true though, they will be the first world star couple.
Both Rain and Jeon Ji Hyun was cast in Hollywood movie in 2009 with the former being in Ninja Assassin and the latter in Blood: The Last Vampire.
Rain’s agency, J. Tune Entertainment, denied the rumor stating, “Rain is not dating anyone currently. His busy schedule does not allow him any time for dating. … It is true that he is friends with Jeon Ji Hyun, but they are not dating.
While Jeon Ji Hyun’s agency stated, “We do not know our actor/actress’s personal life. We will reveal our stance after confirming whether it’s true or not.
The rumors stemmed from pictures published by paparazzi news agency, Sports Seoul this morning and claiming it as a world exclusive. But the pictures aren’t really conclusive if you get what I mean, since they don’t really tell us anything.

According to the reporter who filed the exclusive story, the ring – bracelet is a couple set from Cartier. In addition, the reporter states that Rain has been spotted visiting Jeon Ji Hyun’s apartment late at night often for about a year, the most recent being just before he flew to America for the MTV Movie Awards
Furthermore, on June 9th’s episode of MBC Golden Fishery’s Radio Star, the guest star was none other than Rain. During the show, he stated, “I am currently not dating anyone. … If I am caught [dating], I will reveal that I am dating.

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