Friday, December 24, 2010

Why was JYJ excluded from “Inkigayo’s Take 7″

Netizens have been very vocal in their requests for the appearance of JYJ on public broadcast programs.

Requests have consistently been made since the trio released their first album, “The Beginning“, this past October, and they’ve become even louder afterKBS revealed that JYJ will perform in their year-end 2010 KBS Drama Awards ceremony on December 31st.

Moments after KBS revealed the announcement, the homepage board forSBS’s “Inkigayo” was bombarded with over 230 posts requesting the trio’s appearance. “JYJ is said to be appearing at KBS’s ‘Acting Awards.’ Isn’t it about time that SBS opened its doors too?“, wrote one fan.

There is no real reason as to why JYJ cannot appear on public broadcast programs, leading many to question the standards of certain shows.

Netizens expressed their concern by leaving comments such as, “Their song is good, their album sales are good, why are we not able to see them on public broadcasts?,” and “I hope that they are able to appear. Many viewers are wanting this, please reflect our opinions.”

They only became more agitated after JYJ’s “Ayy Girl” mysteriously disappeared from Inkigayo’s “Take 7″ on December 15th.

It’s heavily speculated that official letters from the KFPCAI (which requested the restriction of JYJ appearances on public broadcast programs) were the reason behind JYJ’s exclusion from the chart.

Unfortunately, the situation remains at a standstill, as “Inkigayo” remains silent on the issue, despite the growing outcry from fans and netizens alike.

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