Friday, January 21, 2011

Cyworld Korean Popular Social Networking

Facebook now is a new phenomenon in the world, the world number 2 website, replacing Yahoo and still behind Google. But in Korea, Facebook is not so popular since it is in English and too plain. Korean peoples usually the youngs generation prefer where we can post pictures, decorate your homepage, chat with friends, play music on their homepage, etc.

Even if Koreans do have Facebook, they don't use it much.It's like a Korean Myspace. Almost every Korean has it. Even Korean celebrities. Koreans prefer cyworld better than Facebook or myspace.

Cyworld (Hangul: 싸이월드) is a social networking website launched on Sep 1, 1999. Cyworld is a South Korean web community site operated by SK Communication.

Cyworld is South Korea’s most popular social networking site. Cyworld has claimed more than one third of Korea’s entire population as members, while achieving incredible penetration of Korea’s young adult market: 90% of Koreans in their 20s are members of Cyworld. Korean Celebrities are also known to have their own Cyworld.

Here are the list of popular cyworld pages. Kim Hee Chul has the most popular cyworld page. He is a member of Super Junior :

1 Kim Hee Chul (ê¹€í�¬ì² ) : 22455755
2 Ock Ju-Hyun (옥주현) : 18331628
3 Kim So Yeon (김소연) : 16695879
4 Lee Hye Young (�혜�) : 14965272
5 Lee Jun Ki (�준기) : 13898750
6 Kim Hee Seon (ê¹€í�¬ì„ ) : 13137365
7 Lee Sun Oong (Tablo) (ì�´ì„ ì›…) : 12468766
8 (시워니) : 12448419
9 Kim Hye Soo (김혜수) : 12023661
10 So Yoo Jin (ì†Œìœ ì§„) : 11892443

cyworld korea

cyworld main page

cyworld mini homepage

cyworld celebrities

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