Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fala Chen did not deny the rumor that she is married

Fala Chen and Daniel Sit, son of Newry's boss have been dating very low key for 4 years. There are rumors recently that they were secretly married in a registry office in America. Yesterday when the reporter asked her if the rumor is true? She said she has the responsibility to protect the people around her. She didn't want to discuss her private life in public. Nevertheless, she did not deny the rumor.

Last Christmas, Fala told reporter her parents were coming over from America to meet her boyfriend. The media was speculating that they were in fact married and they both wore similar wedding ring. There were also rumors that Fala introduced her "husband" to TVB executive Virginia Lok.

The reporter approached Miss Lok to ascertain the fact. Miss Lok smiled "Married" is good news, but if it is true, it would be announced. It hasn't happened yet." Miss Lok said Fala has been busy working , and she often sees her in her office to discuss about few TV series that TVB wants her to do. Miss Lok was asked if it was true that Fala introduced Daniel to her as her "husband"? Miss Lok said "If Fala wanted to introduce him to me, she wouldn't  bring him into TVB city, we would be having dinner out together."

Miss Lok went on to say she has met Daniel a long time ago. He is the town's diamond bachelor and she met him in one of those functions. Therefore, there was no need for Fala to bring him to TVB. Miss Lok said she would not comment on Fala's relationship with Daniel. She added that Fala is a very professional artist, and she works very hard. Fala doesn't want people to talk about her private love affairs. Reporter asked whether she is opposed of artist dating? Miss Lok replied "How can I oppose artist dating? It is a natural thing to do. They prefer to be low key, quite rightly too, as work comes first and you shouldn't keep talking about dating all the time."

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