Friday, January 21, 2011

How Korean Girls are slim and thin

korean girls slim

Korean Girls are famous for their slim body and tall. Korea's obesity rate is the lowest among the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development member nations, according to a study of OECD health data by Bae Sung-il, a researcher at the National Health Insurance Corporation.

Why korean girls can have the slim and thin body? The Korean men & women are known for their fitness. These women boast of their slim & trim waist and amazing stamina. Obesity is almost unknown to the Koreans. Many people give the credit to their genes. The people here live in utmost greenery and cleanliness so that adds to their health. But the key to their health is traditional Korean diet.

How Korean women stay thin? Here are some Korean Diet Secrets:

- They eat a lot of fish.
- This diet comprises of all the nutrients in a proper ratio.
- It limits your cholesterol consumption as well.
- While the Europeans strive to cut the carbohydrates in their food, the Koreans have an upper hand as their food comprises of 70% good carbohydrates in the form of vegetables and rice.
-The fat content in their meals is also balanced that is 13%.
- They proteins are some what similar to the Europeans that is 14 to 17%.
- Their diet does not have any sugar while the usual European meals have 15% sweeteners. Also these people realize the importance of peace and relaxation inn their lives and they actively work towards spiritual peace in the form of yoga, meditation, etc. they lead almost a stress free life that adds to their health & emotional quotient as well.
- Korean likes to eat Kimchi. Korean Kimchi - Kimchi, sometimes spelled 'kimchee', is a basic staple of the Korean diet.

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