Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kiss in Korean Language and Photos

Kissing is the symbol of love. To love and to be loved. There are many kinds of kiss style in the world, such as French Kiss. Kiss show the meaning of intimate and romance.

Kiss in Korean culture nowadays has improved so much. Most of korean drama now displaying kissing between boys and girls. Korean song also used word kiss as the titled or meaning.

How to say kiss in korean language ?
Kiss in Korean Language
"kiss me"=키스해줘요 [ki-su hae-ju-seh-yo]
"kiss"=키스 [ki-su]

Kiss in Korean Drama Triple between Hwal & Ha Ru
kiss in triple drama

Korean singer Tei and Jessica Gomes kiss
tei jessica gomes kiss

Younha shot a kissing scene for her 1st album's title track "Password 486" music video.
younha first kiss

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