Friday, January 21, 2011

Lee Min Ho in Gu Jun Pyo Style

Lee Min Ho now is very popular. This Korean boy got action in Korean drama Boys Before Flowers (BBF) as Gu Jyun Pyo. Now, Lee Min Ho is famous everywhere in Asia, as a popular celebrity.

Lee Min Ho is a new brand now. The Gu Junpyo’s character itself has been one of the trendsetter as well as Lee Minho himself. Now, everything that Lee Minho’s wearing is a trend. You can see many Gu Junpyo’s or Lee Minho’s style everywhere in South Korea. Korean man is looking for everything that Lee Minho’s wearing.

All the things that Gujunpyo * 이민호 * wore is being a topic. Among them, the F4 leader Gu Junpyo main interest is his hot fashion style. A man in suit until his perm hair is catching everyone’s attention.

Now, the F4 chief stylist Jeong Hyejin will share us the Gujunpyo keywords style.
1. Black’ is expressing a strong charisma
Major Gujunpyo color is black. The clothing helps the viewer to understand the drama character.As the leader of F4, Junpyo is the global scale of the Republic of Korea’s conglomerates and the myth group’s heir.So, he needs to perform with an intense black color and suits.
2. Preppy Look
The F4 boys are using a’peurepiruk’ (Preppy Look).
3. Gujunpyo Hair
Deep black color of the hair to enhance the role Gu Junpyo is stressing more of his charisma.

Here is a short interview with Lee Min Ho, including Lee Min Ho favourite fashion and style.

Q : What is ur normal clothes ?
LMH : I prefer the simple style. I like jeans & T-shirt. I use hat/cap as my accessories.

Q : What is ur favorite color ?
LMH : I like monoton color, like black, grey and white. I wear jeans which I can easily pair with those colors.

Q : Is is possible for Lee Minho to wear a more complex wardrobe ?
LMH : Not really. I like white t-shirt over any thing. Too much wardrobe will make me feel uncomfortable.

Q : What is ur accessories ?
LMH : I like silver products. Since i like monoton color tees, i will wear a silver necklace to give it an added value or even a hat/cap, depends on my mood. My most recent favorite is fedora hat and beanie. I use it a lot.

Q : What is ur summer fashion style ?
LMH : As simple as jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers. And add it with must have summer essential accessories : hat and sunglasses

Lee Min Ho as Gu Jyun Pyo in Boys Before Flowers
lee min ho gu jun pyo

Lee Min Ho cute hair, curly perm hair.
lee min ho hair style

Lee Min Ho with his hat and fashionable style
lee min ho hair style

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