Saturday, January 8, 2011

S.H.E's Selina Jen to marry Richard Chang next year

The father of the S.H.E member also revealed she and her boyfriend are scouting for an apartment

Just three weeks after opening up on her three-year romance, S.H.E's Selina Jen looks ready to take things one step further.
Selina's father told reporters last week she will tie the knot with lawyer-boyfriend Richard Chang in 2011 and the lovebirds are currently looking for a new nest.
The member of the popular girl group replied soon after, "Let nature take its course. I'm enjoying being in love now."
Richard, who's nine years her senior, made a surprise declaration of love in front of the thousands at S.H.E's concert last month, moving Selina to tears and officially announcing their relationship.
The two were introduced to each other by their teacher mothers, who are colleagues. He had attended an S.H.E concert in 2006, where he was seated at almost the same place as the spot from which he made last month's special appearance.
"This is predestined from above," Richard said.
Some observers are wondering if Selina's new 'attached' status would affect the success of a trio that appeal to many adoring boys, since they have lost the hallowed quality of singlehood, or at least on the surface.
The pretty one dismissed it confidently, "We want to become a sexy, natural and carefree women group."
Bandmate Hebe Tian showed her support, "Very happy and excited. She's very cool and brave."
HIM, S.H.E's record label, also expressed, "We respect the wishes of both parties."

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