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Korean Chosun Story Jejoongwon

Je Joong Won Details

Title: 제중원 / Jejoongwon
Genre: Medical, Historical
Episodes: 36
Broadcast Network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2010-Jan-04 to TBA
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55

Je Joong Won Synopsis

This drama will be “a new style historical drama” centered around the hospital of the Chosun dynasty.

“Jejungwon” is the hospital which American missionary named Allen established on April 1885. It was the first western style hospital in Korea. “Jejungwon” was the space where western medical science, such as surgery, was provided to Korean. It started to educate young Koreans about medical science from March 1886. This education came to success when first 7 graduated turned out to be doctor. Those 7 young Korean were received first western doctor license in Korea.

Out of the alumnus, Park Seo Yang was taken as a model of main character, “Hwang Jung”

Character Description

Hwang Jung (Park Yong Woo)
When he was chased and shot because of illegal butchery practices, his life was saved by Allen through surgery. From this tie, he volunteered as a assistant of doctor in Jejungwon.

Baek Do Yang (Yeon Jung Hoon)
He was addicted to western science when he studied in Sung Kyun Kwan after he passed national examination. Though he was counted as a brightest student in Jejungwon, he started to reel when Hwang Jung joined.

Yoo Suk Ran (Han Hae Jin)
Aggressive modernized girl who accepted western science from the early ages through her father. She became a female doctor after she realized the necessity of female doctor when she worked as a translator in Jejungwon

Medical Missionary. First principal of Jejungwon. As his way of thinking already became a Korean style, he helped very much Jejungwon to become a modern hospital.

Mi Ryung (Kim Tae Hee)
One of the 5 helper sent by king to help female patient by the request of Allen. She had escaped from Jejungwon, but, she born again as a nurse after she was saved her life by Hwang Jung.

Yoo Hee Seo (Father of Suk Ran – Kim Kab Soo)
Professional diplomat and international trader, he established good relationship with Park Do Yang through buying western science book for him. He also help Hwang Jung as he saw his talent.

Baek Tae Hyun (Father of Do Yang, The minister of justice, Seo In Suk)
Negative person about western science, he extremely opposed to his son Do Yang as his son want to become a western style doctor.

Hwang Jung Boo (Butcher – Jang Hang Sun)
After his wife die, the relationship with Hwang Jung was cracked. He changed much when he saw the progress which Hwang Jung grow up as a excellent doctor.

Je Joong Won Cast and Starring :

Han Hye Jin as Yoo Seok Ran
Park Yong Woo as Hwang Jung
Yeon Jung Hoon as Baek Do Yang
Kim Gab Soo
Kang Nam Gil
Do Ki Suk
Yoon Gi Won

Production Credits

Director: Hong Chang Wook
Screenwriter: Lee Ki Won

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