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korean drama - Korean Sisters Drama Dandelion Family

Dandelion Family Details :
Title: 민들레 가족 / Dandelion Family
Chinese Title :蒲公茵的家族
Previously known as: 장미와 민들레 / Roses and Dandelions
Genre: Romance, family
Episodes: 50
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2010-Jan-30 to 2010-July-18
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 19:55

Dandelion Family Synopsis, Story, and preview

A drama about three sisters and their romances.

Eldest sister played , Ji Won, is married to a doctor , Myung Suk. They enjoy financial security, but Ji Won stills suffers from stress.

The middle sister, Mi Won, met her boyfriend, No Sik, in college and eventually ran away together. The couple lives together even though they are not married.

Youngest sister Hye Won represents women of the newer generation. She believes her career is more important than marriage. Due to pressure from her parents, Hye Won enters a contract marriage with her co-worker Jae Ha . She then starts to discover the true meaning of love and life.

Dandelion Family Cast and starring

Song Sun Mi as Ji Won
Maya as Mi Won
Lee Yoon Ji as Hye Won
Jung Chan as Myung Suk
Jung Woo as Kim No Sik
Kim Dong Wook as Jae Ha
Yoo Dong Geun as Sang Kil
Yang Mi Kyung as Sook Kyung
Oh Young Shil
Hong Hak Pyo
Kim Jung Min

Production Credits

Director: Im Tae Woo
Scriptwriter: Kim Jung Soo

Dandelion Family

Dandelion Family

Dandelion Family

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