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Chun Jung Myung wants to work out with UEE and Son Ye Jin.

[News] Chun Jung Myung wants to work out with UEE and Son Ye Jin.
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Chun Jung Myung (of “Cinderella’s Sister” and “Fashion 70’s” fame) revealed his crush through MBC’s “Come to Play“.

Chun Jung Myung is known for having an interest in sports, so when he was asked about who he wanted to work out with, the actor chose After School’s UEE. He said, “I heard she’s a good swimmer. I really wish I could learn from her.”

He also chose Son Ye Jin as another star he would like to hit the gym with.

He revealed, “I saw her once in person and she was shining.” When Kim Won Hee advised him to send a video message to Son Ye Jin, he gladly accepted.

He said to her, “Son Ye Jin-sshi, I want to kiss you. I’m the best guy in Korea.”

The hilarious episode airs on February 21st.

I wonder where Bae Yong Joon will head to now.

[Article] I wonder where Bae Yong Joon will head to now.
Cr. - 10asia (Trans by suehan)

Bae Yong Joon

Bae Yong Joon: “At one point, I thought my life was full and beyond my capacity. But now, I’m grateful for that role. If I must do it, then I want to do it the best of my capabilities. Of course, someday, my life may feel full once again.” – Bae Yong Joon, at the interview with “Yonhap News” Lots of strength, lots of responsibility. It is the life of a man to carry those two qualities.

Kim Jae Yeop: The owner of the acting institute where Bae Yong Joon used to attend. According to him, Bae Yong Joon was very sincere and constantly prepared to become an actor. When Bae Yong Joon was a teenager, he decided to become an actor to quickly make money during his family’s financial troubles. He had a reserved personality and enjoyed assembling and disassembling toys alone rather than playing with his friends. But, he started to play with his friends and sports while learning Hapkido when he was in junior high and high school. The elders around him worried about him changing, but they thought that “It isn’t best to follow the path that is recommended to him by their experiences.” Bae Yong Joon jumped at an acting job after he graduated high school.

Kwon O Joong: An actor who went to the acting institute with Bae Yong Joon. He was part of the staff at the filming location of the movie, “The Girl for Love and The One for Marriage”. After he appeared as an extra in “Pilgu”, he was recognized and received free acting lessons at the acting institute. He met Kwon O Joong at that time. He learned Kungfu from Kwon O Joong and débuted in KBS’s “Salute D’Amour” At that time, Bae Yong Joon decided to make “Be like a convenient store” as his personal motto. Because, after experiencing situations at many filming locations, he wanted to be an actor who could present anything that the directors wanted.”

Jun Ki Sang: Director of “Salute D’Amour”. He thought, “Bae Yong Joon is so handsome” when he first saw Bae Yong Joon. He thought that Bae Yong Joon’s noble-like features might be a problem, so he ordered Bae Yong Joon to do one thing. He ordered Bae Yong Joon to wear glasses. History would then be born. As the director Jun Ki Sang had predicted, Bae Yong Joon could show his tender and handsome image wearing glasses. In the early 1990s, with the appearance of so-called the “X-Generation”, Bae Yong Joon was a romantic guy who appeared when “beautiful boys” started to get attention.

The late Cho So Hye: She is the writer of KBS’s “A Place in the Sun” and “First Love”. The late Cho So Hye paved the way for Bae Yong Joon to achieve sure stardom with “A Place in the Sun.” She also made him take off his glasses in “First Love”. He played a rebellious teenager who couldn’t achieve his dream even though he was smart because of his poor family background. That character somewhat compared to Bae Yong Joon’s teenage life. He acted in the scene where he collided into the truck while he was riding a motorcycle without a stuntman. He proved that he had the ability to shoot action scenes. After that, he showed his action skills in KBS’s “The Barefooted Youth” and appeared as a cold-hearted man who pursued only success in MBC’s “Have We Really Loved?”. His image in KBS’s “Winter Sonata” was big, but he continuously changed the way he was seen within every frame. Bae Yong Joon described his personality. “I’m not tough or mild.”

Kim Hye Soo: Bae Yong Joon’s partner in “Have we really loved?”. Bae Yong Joon even said, “I enjoyed talking (with Kim Hye Soo). I learned a lot from her.” Kim Hye Soo commented on him by saying, “It isn’t easy to be close to him because of his defensive personality, but he does express himself when he is friends with someone. He is a perfectionist when he works.” Bae Yong Joon, who achieved his stardom in his 20s, was “too young and wanted only to show his perfection. He had a passive personality and rarely appeared in the media or game shows. It was a good chance for the media to write articles about his “mythical strategy”. At that time, he concentrated on acting with “Have we really loved?”. In this drama, he wasn’t a romantic or a tough guy. He played as a reserved man who wanted to leave a poor town and reach success regardless of his financial difficulties. His acting showed a deeper side more seriously compared to than his previous works. If you want to see his acting skills in 1990s, then this is the drama to see.

Lim Jong Pil: The trainer who was hired to shape his body for the photo book, “The Image Vol 1”. “He exercised a lot, but didn’t exercise systematically. He will be the best jem if he is trained well,” said Lim Jong Pil of Bae Yong Joon. Bae Yong Joon followed Lim Jong Pil’s instructions well enough for Lim Jong Pil to comment, “There is no such person in this world (speaking of Bae Yong Joon).” Since Bae Yong Joon’ debut, he has been on potatoe diets when they were necessary. He reduced his weight by about 6kg in MBC’s “Hotellier” and 7kg in the movie, “Scandle”. He was so athletic that he looked like a natural at his first experience horseback riding. He enjoys golfing because he thinks that golfing is a good mornign exercise. He plays piano well enough to play “Moonlight Sonata” in the movie, “Immotal Beloved” when he so chooses. Since his debut, he developed in interest in photo shoots. He also made the photo commentary in “Scandle”. He became a second generation tycoon after appearing in the drama. No, he is the tycoon.

Choi Ji Woo: She is an actress who appeared in “First Love” and “Winter Sonata” with him. Bae Yong Joon talked about her in “Winter Sonata” by saying, “She matured.” He also commented on Song Yoon Ah in “Hotellier”, “She acted very seriously.” On Lee Young Ae of KBS’s “Papa”, he said, “She is beautiful and has lots of patience.” Choi Ji Woo who has a clean and pure image matched well to “Winter Sonata” which shows her pure fairy tale love; the show also maximized Bae Yong Joon’s romatic image. “Winter Sonata” was exported to Japan.

Yoon Seok Ho: He is the director who worked a number of pieces with Bae Yong Joon. Of course, their most recognized work is KBS’s “Winter Sonata”. Bae Yong Joon said that “There are some necessary parts which this era needs” of “Winter Sonata.” “Winter Sonata” recorded a big hit historically. After “Winter Sonata”, “5,000 were very excited” during his first visit to Japan the news stated. The city of Kakamigahara in Kihoo, Japan, which set up a sisterhood relationship with the city of Chuncheon where “Winter Sonata” was filmed, spent 10 million yen to organize the “Winter Sonata” theme event, “Winter Sonata, Chuncheon Story” and had a great ripple effect of 3 billion yen. Bae Yong Joon then became “Yonsama” a word that has stronger meanings than just star.”

Lee Jae Yong: He is the director of “Scandle”. Bae Yong Joon “wanted to show that he was able to act for the movie” and acted as a playboy of the Chosun Dynasty without glasses while gaining explosive popularity in Japan. Nobody expected him to lie and play innocent, as he occassionally deserted woman with a cold look after he became “Yonsama”. But, before “Winter Sonata”, he tried to play various roles and learned traditional martial arts for months for a short action scene because of his perfectionist nature. It’s known that the production team of “Scandle” was suprised to see Bae Yong Joon admitting his limits. After “Winter Sonata”, he chose to be “an actor named Bae Yong Joon”. But, “Yonsama’s star quality” gained too much recognition as people could no longer see him as just “an actor named Bae Yong Joon.”

Son Ye Jin: An actress who apppeared in the movie “April Snow” with Bae Yong Joon. In “April Snow”, Bae Yong Joon played a role of a man who commited adultery as he showed the world his versatility as an actor. But it wasn’t easy for him to adjust to the shooting system, a shooting style that constantly changes (acting) according to the locations and circumstances. He only shot after complete preperation. He said it was “stressful not to express or throw away what he had inside” while he learned “a completely different acting style” at the same time. it was also difficult for him to act as an adulterer with his conservative personality. A personality that he admits to having. At the same time, in the face of the media, he became an actor who had the ability to make any piece successful as people fixed on his image as the man of “Winter Sonata”. “April Snow” might be considered his transition period, a period he had to face. At that time during the CF filming, the stress he faced was evident when he was requested to show the same smiling expression. He said “I’m an actor. I want to be an actor and I want to act well. How can I better myself as an actor if I must repeatedly have only one way the audience sees me?” in response.

Kim Jong Hak: The director of MBC’s “TWSSG” which Bae Yong Joon appeared in. Kim Jong acknowledged Bae Yong Joon as one of the partners who was responsible for “TWSSG”. He changed the direction of the drama when Bae Yong Joon claimed that “If we keep going this way, we, the director and I both will crumble. It might end the Hallyu.” But, “TWSSG” wasn’t the only work that showed off Bae Yong Joon's business skills. The reason that Damdeon, the main charcter in "TWSSG," can show God-like abilities is because of the aura that can only come from a face like Bae Yong Joon's. Bae Yong Joon is expressionless or shows only a neutral smile in the most of his works, but his silent presence can be felt. Moreover, his presence, which is recognized as something other than of a common person, made us understand the story of “TWSSG”. He showed a unique acting skill by melting his own personality, which is coming from maintaining a good public image (like not drinking), in the great public interest with his present status and star quality. That acting skill is created only by the actor who is called “sama” and star. There is no actor who can act like Bae Yong Joon in ‘TWSSG” even though there are many actors who can show more various acting skills than Bae Yong Joon.

Jeong Ha Myung: The character who Bae Yong Joon played in KBS’s “Dream High”. Jeong Ha Myung is the chairman of the board of Kirin Art School who notices the personality and talent as something that can be cultivated into a star, even in a short amount of time. It is a very unrealistic situation. But his unique presence, which is unbelievable even to him, makes this possible. It comes from the result of his efforts to not only be a Hallyu star, but also a promoter of culture by learning about traditional, Korean culture and master artisanship, and writing "A Journey in Search of Korea's Beauty." In “Dream High”, he headed overseas after he chose the potential stars. After he left, new Hallyu stars are going to appear. He is too important of a figure to simply call him a star. He is one who takes steps forward while transforming himself and accepting situations as they are. I wonder where Bae Yong Joon will head to now.

Eugene thinking hard on starring in Japanese horror flick.

[News] Eugene thinking hard on starring in Japanese horror flick.
Cr. - hancinema

Eugene is thinking hard on starring in a Japanese horror movie. She has currently been offered a role by director Akamatsu Yusuke and is going through it positively.

However, her company stated on the 21st, "Nothing has been confirmed yet. She is considering between this and another project".

The movie she was offered to star in is a mystery horror flick about a girl who dies in a sudden accident but is revived by her mother who is a biotechnologist.

If Eugene decides to star in this movie, it will be her return to the screen in two years after the movie "Yoga" in 2009. She was also popular for the KBS drama "Bread, Love and Dream".

Moon Geun-young model for fashion brand "Basic House".

[News] Moon Geun-young model for fashion brand "Basic House".
Cr. - hancinema

Moon Geun-young has taken off the cutie veil and has become an elegant woman. Active as a model for fashion brand "Basic House" with Won Bin, she showed off a feminine and fresh look through the catalog for the Chinese market.

Moon Geun-young has the perfect balance for such a small body and she created a luxurious and various image through every cut. Her thick wavy hair and just a natural looking one-piece dress created a fascinating illusion. Professionalism was shown in her face the way it changed with every outfit and atmosphere.

Those who have seen the pictures say, "There's a strong woman scent about these pictures", "Moon Geun-young has a new attraction every time I look at her", "She's getting prettier everyday". Meanwhile, after the drama "Mary Stayed Out All Night" she is taking a break and getting ready to return to school in the new semester.

Hallyu Star Lee Byung Hun, Jung Woo Sung, Song Seung-hun & Kwon Sang Woo for 10th anniversary of GQ Magazine.

[News] Hallyu Star Lee Byung Hun, Jung Woo Sung, Song Seung-hun & Kwon Sang Woo for 10th anniversary of GQ Magazine.
Cr. - javabeans

Somebody was kind enough to round up four of dramaland’s top leading men in a spread for GQ Korea. To be more specific, the shoot features Song Seung-hun (My Princess), Jung Woo-sung (Athena), Lee Byung-hun (IRIS), AND Kwon Sang-woo (Daemul) in a veritable who’s who of eye candy icons. How sweet of GQ to line ‘em up for us. Saves a girl the trouble of making multiple stops. ‘Cause you know, what’s the point in choosing when you can have all four?

Everyone’s looking sharp, although Jung Woo-sung looks a little sad, perhaps because they stuffed a tiny dog down his shirt. I…have no explanation for that. Doggie seems pretty happy about it though. Kwon Sang-woo is sporting a freshly shorn look for his new movie Pain [통증], where he plays a man who can’t feel pain, alongside Jung Ryeo-won, whose character has the opposite medical condition, making her extremely sensitive to pain, and the two fall in love. Directing is Kwak Kyung-taek, PD on the drama version of Friend, Our Legend.

The 10th anniversary March issue features fashion spreads with the actors, along with four different covers. Oh, now you’re making me choose. And you’ve gone ahead and put James Bond No. 1 (Lee Byung-hun) up against James Bond No. 2 (Jung Woo-sung), in their best James Bond tuxes! Aaaargh! Well, I say if I’m judging the book by its cover, Jung Woo-sung wins. But then, maybe Kwon Sang-woo’s a close second, from sheer velocity of eyebrow raise. Is it possible to get eyebrow whiplash?

Come to think of it, this whole photo spread is a giant Ode to the Eyebrow. So maybe Song Seung-hun has to win by default, because his individual photo (above) just says it ALL. I do love that he’s so hyper-aware of his beauty. These are my power brows. They’re to be used sparingly, when trying to emote. Oh, who’re we kidding. I whip ‘em out when I’m feeling awesome…which is all the time.

Money, ambition and love blend in 'Midas'.

lend in 'Midas'.

[News] Money, ambition and love blend in 'Midas'.
Cr. - Kwon

A scene from the new SBS drama "Midas" / Courtesy of SBS, SBS aims to reign the local drama scene again with money, ambition and love all intertwined in the series "Midas". The drama will examine people's thoughts on money and desire, rather than feature normal happenings of everyday life.

"When people pass by Yeouido or Teheran-ro, they might wonder who owns those tall buildings and why they have nothing. This drama will portray the people who own them and those who want them", Kang Sin-hyo, the director said at a press conference for the show, Monday. Kang directed the 2008 drama "Tazza", which dealt with the world of gamblers. The program will show how a young lawyer changes as he becomes greedy under the influence of the richest woman in Korea.

"Midas" casts veteran actors to realistically portray the deepest desires of people blinded by ambition and how the wealthiest people live.

Jang Hyuk, the winner of 2010 KBS Drama Awards with his role in "The Slave Hunters", returns to the small screen as Kim Do-hyeon, a lawyer awakened by an impassioned desire to achieve success.

"Kim is a person of ambition, but he also longs for the ordinary daily life he used to live", Jang said.

Jang added he is not under any pressure to live up to the popularity of his previous drama. "I think the character and the actor are two separate things. Last year, it was Jang who played the role of slave hunter Lee Dae-gil, but now I am Jang, acting Kim in "Midas"," he said. "I chose the roles because the characters suit me".

Actress Kim Hee-ae will play the role of Yu In-hye, returning to the small screen after four years. Yu plays the eldest daughter of a billionaire family, operating hedge funds.

"Things have changed so much in four years that I feel like I'm working in a different country", she said.

Her fashionable wardrobe on TV always becomes the talk of the town among middle-aged women. "Yu is the richest among the richest, but I will take a minimal approach in the costumes since she is a working woman", Kim said.

Lee Min-jeong, the sweetheart of the 2010 movie "Cyrano Agency", plays the role of Lee Jeong-yeon, a nurse engaged to Kim.

"It is an honor to even star with Kim Hee-ae, an actress I want to emulate", Lee said.

As Jang's character grows more and more absorbed with money, and not her, Lee falters in her determination to marry Kim when another man tries to win her heart.

Singer-turned-actor No Min-woo-I from Trax, who portrayed the half-goblin and half-human veterinarian Park Dong-ju in the drama "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho" (2010), plays the role of Yu Myeong-jun, the younger brother of Yu In-hye, who has a crush on Lee.

"Yu is a typical scoundrel from a rich family. He was deprived of his mother's love as a child and turned into a womanizer. He meets Lee while hospitalized as a cancer patient", No said.

The drama began broadcasting Tuesday, following the action-packed "ATHENA". It is to compete with art school students in KBS' "Dream High" and two men battling for their switched destinies in MBC's "The Duo", all airing at 9:55 p.m. on Mondays and Tuesdays.

[News] Nichkhun and his family star in a CF together.

[News] Nichkhun and his family star in a CF together.
Cr. - allkpop

2PM’s Nichkhun recently starred in a CF with his entire family!

On February 23rd, LG U+ announced, “We picked beloved Nichkhun and his family to be the new spokesmodels for ‘International Calling 002‘. It’s officially the first time for Nichkhun and his family to both star in a CF together“.

The phone service company added, “International Calling 002’s slogan, ‘Long~call, small fees’, actually matches Nichkhun’s family situation. We believe that using Nichkhun in our ads will heighten the customers’ understanding of and connection to us.”

The CF saw Nichkhun talking comfortably with each member of his extended family for a long time. The ad was filmed in Thailand, and although the weather was hot and humid, the 2PM star did not lose his smile throughout filming. Reportedly, Nichkhun’s sisters also worked their hardest for the recording, and staff members praised the girls for their nice manners and kind demeanors.

A representative of the service commented, “Because Nichkhun filmed the CF with his family in Thailand, we were able to film in a cheerful and happy atmosphere“.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for this charming CF, so check back with us for updates!

Jung Woo and Son Hyuk finally…

Son Hyuk finally…

[Spoiler: Athena] Jung Woo and Son Hyuk finally…
Cr. - allkpop

The last episode of SBS’s “Athena: The Goddess of War” was finally broadcast on February 21st, through which viewers were able to watch a happy ending for both Jung Woo (Jung Woo Sung) and Hye In (Soo Ae).

In the episode, Son Hyuk (Cha Seung Won) kills Jae Hee (Lee Ji Ah) and raids the NTS base, where Jung Woo and Son Hyuk finally meet in confrontation.

Jung Woo asks, “Just why do you keep doing these crazy acts and killing innocent people?”, to which Son Hyuk growled, “Even if I killed all those people, in truth, I couldn’t kill you. It’s disappointing that you only have one life.” Jung Woo approaches Son Hyuk with a gun and said, “You’ve already failed.” Son Hyuk replied, “See you in hell.”

Right at that moment, Hye In enters the room and without hesitance, shoots Son Hyuk dead and tries to commit suicide by shooting herself in the head. As the girl who betrayed the man she loves, she felt this was the only way to do her justice.

However, even after shooting herself, Hye In opens her eyes. Too ashamed to face Jung Woo, she leaves once again for a new and far away path. Jung Woo also leaves his position at the NTS base to escape his tangled memories.

A year later, Jung Woo fatefully sees Hye In in New Zealand and shows her a smile. The show finally ends on a happy note as Hye In responds with a laugh.

Meanwhile, SBS’s new drama “Midas” will begin airing come February 22nd.

"My Princess" Song Seung-hun and Kim Tae-hee caught in Myung-dong, 'filming stopped because of paralyzed streets'.

[Spoiler] "My Princess" Song Seung-hun and Kim Tae-hee caught in Myung-dong, 'filming stopped because of paralyzed streets'.
Cr. - hancinema

Romantic evil guy Song Seung-heon and clueless princess Kim Tae-hee enjoyed a date in the middle of Myung-dong.

In the fifteenth episode of MBC drama "My Princess" (written by Jang Yung-sil / directed by Kwon Suk-jang and Kang Dae-seon) Hae-young (Song Seung-hun) and Lee Seol (Kim Tae-hee) enjoy a street date with the national vote coming up. With Lee Seol being nervous about if the nation will accept her as a princess, the two people decide to have a fun time to relax.

They enjoy a date like any other couple in the middle of Myung-dong. They feed each other food from the vendors on the streets and play dodge games as well as look at the accessories laid out on the streets.

However, as short as it was, Lee Seol gets discovered as the princess by the people by and runs for it. Breathing hard, Lee Seol says, "That was so thrilling and fun. heart is about to burst". Hae-young then innocently says "That's because you're with me".

Song Seung-hun and Kim Tae-hee for real said their hearts fluttered as they don't know when the last time they were able to walk the streets of Myeong-dong like that was. Also, shooting the scene had to be stopped at one point because too many people gathered together to see the two.

Someone from the productions said, "Despite the long night filming and tight schedules, Song Seung-hun and Kim Tae-hee's sweet date made the set enjoyable. The actors and the staff are all doing their best".

Meanwhile, "My Princess" is looking forward to its last on the 24th of February and princess Lee Seol is about to be voted by the nation to become a real princess.

Kim Ok-bin and Eric return project "Poseidon" step down?

[News] Kim Ok-bin and Eric return project "Poseidon" step down?
Cr. - hancinema

Kim Ok-bin is known to be stepping down from SBS new drama "Poseidon". She was due to make a comeback in four years with the drama "Poseidon" (written by Jo Gyoo-won, produced Yoo Cheol-yong) but she will be stepping down from it because of scheduling matters and unfitting conditions. A spokesperson for the drama says, "There were problems with scheduling as the shooting got postponed to mid-winter. Even the drawing for May has been recently postponed. Kim Ok-bin was one of the first to be cast for lead roles last September, but we can't hold her back for our scheduling matters".

With coastal police as the subject and the ocean as the main stage, it is impossible to film during winter. Gun-san being their main location, it has been snowing much and the cold was longer than expected so the filming has been postponed to mid March. Kim Ok-bin has now filmed about 30% of the entire first episode.

Kim Ok-bin's spokesperson said, "Nothing has been confirmed. There are different opinions because it's been a while since she started this. We are going through many different views".

Meanwhile, "Poseidon" is singer and actor Eric Moon's return drama and although TVfXQ's U-Know, and actor Kim Kang-woo were cast there are still some difficulties with the female role stepping down, drawing and acting.

Charlie Ann Picture


Visiting Cali, Charlie was exploring the area. Trying to take a photo of herself, Barry noticed and asked if he should take her picture. She was a bit shy to say, but she recognized Barry from all the p0rn she watches and then asked if she could be a member of our special club!

Actress Siya Photo Shoot hot stills Indean Girl

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Cute Actress: Lee Yeon Hee

Name: Lee Yeon Hee 이연희
Profession: Actress and model
Birthdate: 1988-Jan-09
Birthplace: Bun Dang, Seoul, South Korea
Height: 169cm
Weight: 46kg
Religion: Christianity
Star sign: Capricorn
Blood type: B

Pretty Actress: Sung Yu Ri

Name: Sung Yu Ri (Seong Yu Ri) 성유리
Nicknames: Shil Shilee / Tokki
Profession: Actress and singer
Birthdate: 1981-Mar-03
Birthplace: Germany
Height: 168cm
Weight: 47kg
Blood type: B
Family: Older brother


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