Friday, April 1, 2011

Jung Woo and Son Hyuk finally…

Son Hyuk finally…

[Spoiler: Athena] Jung Woo and Son Hyuk finally…
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The last episode of SBS’s “Athena: The Goddess of War” was finally broadcast on February 21st, through which viewers were able to watch a happy ending for both Jung Woo (Jung Woo Sung) and Hye In (Soo Ae).

In the episode, Son Hyuk (Cha Seung Won) kills Jae Hee (Lee Ji Ah) and raids the NTS base, where Jung Woo and Son Hyuk finally meet in confrontation.

Jung Woo asks, “Just why do you keep doing these crazy acts and killing innocent people?”, to which Son Hyuk growled, “Even if I killed all those people, in truth, I couldn’t kill you. It’s disappointing that you only have one life.” Jung Woo approaches Son Hyuk with a gun and said, “You’ve already failed.” Son Hyuk replied, “See you in hell.”

Right at that moment, Hye In enters the room and without hesitance, shoots Son Hyuk dead and tries to commit suicide by shooting herself in the head. As the girl who betrayed the man she loves, she felt this was the only way to do her justice.

However, even after shooting herself, Hye In opens her eyes. Too ashamed to face Jung Woo, she leaves once again for a new and far away path. Jung Woo also leaves his position at the NTS base to escape his tangled memories.

A year later, Jung Woo fatefully sees Hye In in New Zealand and shows her a smile. The show finally ends on a happy note as Hye In responds with a laugh.

Meanwhile, SBS’s new drama “Midas” will begin airing come February 22nd.

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