Friday, April 1, 2011

Kim Ok-bin and Eric return project "Poseidon" step down?

[News] Kim Ok-bin and Eric return project "Poseidon" step down?
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Kim Ok-bin is known to be stepping down from SBS new drama "Poseidon". She was due to make a comeback in four years with the drama "Poseidon" (written by Jo Gyoo-won, produced Yoo Cheol-yong) but she will be stepping down from it because of scheduling matters and unfitting conditions. A spokesperson for the drama says, "There were problems with scheduling as the shooting got postponed to mid-winter. Even the drawing for May has been recently postponed. Kim Ok-bin was one of the first to be cast for lead roles last September, but we can't hold her back for our scheduling matters".

With coastal police as the subject and the ocean as the main stage, it is impossible to film during winter. Gun-san being their main location, it has been snowing much and the cold was longer than expected so the filming has been postponed to mid March. Kim Ok-bin has now filmed about 30% of the entire first episode.

Kim Ok-bin's spokesperson said, "Nothing has been confirmed. There are different opinions because it's been a while since she started this. We are going through many different views".

Meanwhile, "Poseidon" is singer and actor Eric Moon's return drama and although TVfXQ's U-Know, and actor Kim Kang-woo were cast there are still some difficulties with the female role stepping down, drawing and acting.

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